Looking for insurance marketing expertise? Melon delivers.

Some lessons are better learned from the experts themselves. Melon Local leans on a valuable group of insurance marketing mentors to continually deliver resources that are truly helpful to local insurance agents like you.

Internet Leads Brochure icon

How to turn leads into customers.

Get the playbook on a six-step process for following up on internet leads. From the initial call to the last attempts, this guide provides the best framework for agents to convert those notoriously challenging internet clientele.


How to write an employee handbook.

Set expectations, outline policies, and define legalities with an employee handbook specific to your agency. Stumped on where to start? Use our sample handbook as a guide to help you develop your own.

Front cover for the Employee Bonus Programs Guide

How to develop a bonus program.

Motivate your team to be the best they can be by using this guide to develop a transparent bonus program with goals for every go-getter at your agency.

Agent Pivot Sheet front cover

Pivot Sheet for Your Team

Help customers get all the coverage they need in one place and earn more business by handing each of your agents a copy of our templated pivot sheet.

Sales Pipeline Sheet

Sales Pipeline Sheet for Your Team

Nothing is worse than losing a lead to bad timing. Help your team keep track of their leads and stay accountable for follow-ups with our sales pipeline sheet.

Target List Resource

Target List Resource for Your Team

Hit the bullseye every time with this handy target sheet! Use this editable, printable document to help your team members track follow-ups with leads and stay motivated to reach their goals.