Interview with an Agent: Chasidy Murphy

If you live in Trophy Club, TX, chances are you’ve probably seen insurance agent Chasidy Murphy cruise around in her agency-branded Jeep. 

After spending years working in corporate roles, Chasidy felt the urge to carve a new career path for herself and opened her Trophy Club insurance agency in 2016. 

When it came to marketing her insurance agency, she originally signed up with a marketing company that didn’t quite get her needs. 

After her contract was up, she tried marketing on her own but soon realized she needed some extra help — cue in Melon Local!

Check out what Chasidy had to say about her initial impressions of Melon Local and her advice for new agents and properly finding the right areas to target. 

Melon Local: How did you find out about Melon Local?

Chasidy: I stay on social media to promote my business and connect with other insurance agents.

There are always discussions in different social media groups about marketing and the different companies people use. 

Melon Local kept coming up, and I kept hearing bits and pieces about it, but I didn’t really know what it was. Finally, after I realized that I really needed someone to help me with that stuff, I decided to reach out to Melon Local.

ML: What initially hooked you with Melon? 

Chasidy: I am a type-A personality. My original background was in computer engineering. If you’ve ever worked with an engineer, you know that they are very meticulous and want lots of details, so I’m one of those people! 

Melon Local was able to answer a lot of my questions and assuage a lot of my fears and concerns.

I loved that I wasn’t being locked into a contract as the previous company did to me because I knew I almost wanted out immediately with them. 

Talking to Melon felt right — just the way the business is structured, the way the packages are offered, and the pricing were right. Then, the fact that I started my conversations with Melon Local’s CEO Whitney also felt really good because, as the owner of my agency, I try to talk to as many of my customers as I can. I could tell it mattered to her, so it aligned closely with my own values.

ML: What type of results did you see when you first started with us? 

Chasidy: I think more important than the results was the relationship aspect and how my Client Success Manager really took care of the account and paid attention to what was really happening. 

You don’t typically see quick results like this, and the way that algorithms are always changing, there are always going to be ups and downs with it. That gets hard to weather when you don’t know what’s going on. 

I didn’t see the results I wanted immediately, but I also understood why and the fact that he was working through that, so it was very easy to see the path that we were on and where we were headed, and then over time, I started to see a large increase in my insurance leads and a number of calls coming into my office. It all worked just as it was supposed to.

ML: What are your current goals as a business owner?

Chasidy: My goal is to grow my business. I really want to increase the size of my staff, which will increase my capabilities to expand into markets beyond my immediate market, meaning I want to help in other areas. Right now, we’re pretty focused on the 76262 area code because there’s a lot to do in the area, but there’s a lot of need outside of that area, so I want to get more involved and help more people.

ML: Sounds like a solid goal to us! We know part of the challenge for our agents can be trying to decide what areas to market to. Do you have any advice for new agents on how to figure out which areas they should market to? 

Chasidy: I say start small. Start in your immediate area. Focus on that. Don’t try to hit all the zip codes in every town around because you don’t have the capacity to do that. Start small until you’ve built your brand and in an area where your people know you. 

It’s taken three years. Now I’m getting more comfortable getting to the point where I can expand out of that area and build brand awareness in a new radius.

ML: Any other advice for new agents? 

Chasidy: It’s a relationship business, and if you don’t look at it that way, and you don’t treat each customer that way, then you’re not going to convert those leads. For every new person you speak to, you should develop a relationship and understand their needs first, and then try to work through the sale. 


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