How to Get Customers to Fall for Your Agency

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Marketing is a little like dating. The goal is to attract new leads in hopes that the connection turns into a long-time customer relationship. While digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape of strategies, there are a few time-tested industry truths that can help you bolster your business online. Let’s go over some essential insurance marketing ideas that can help you win the hearts of new customers.

Attract customers with your online reputation.

Think of your business directory listings as your agency’s dating profile. Potential customers will browse these listings for important information about your agency to see how compatible your services are to what they’re looking for.

Now, what if you could see what former flames were saying about your potential match on a dating site? That’s kind of what reviews are doing for your business! Was this agency always unavailable to talk? We’re they cagey about coverage? Did jaded customers leave voicemail after voicemail with no reply?

Customer reviews matter. A lot. Especially if you’re a local business. In fact, a reported 70% of people reference multiple review sites when searching for a business or product. By earning positive reviews from your current customers, you’ll be better able to highlight your services and convince new customers to give you a chance.

Transparency is the key to a healthy (customer) relationship.

Looking for great insurance can be harder than finding a restaurant reservation on Valentine’s Day. Make it easy on your potential customers by being transparent about your services. You can make this commitment clear before customers even contact your office. Start by outlining your services, specialties, and service areas on your business’s webpage. This will help customers determine if your agency is right for them.

Once a lead is in contact with your office, be sure educate your potential customer on their options. By taking the time to focus on customer education, you can earn yourself a new policy.

Prioritize some good old-fashioned customer service.

Woo new leads with incredible customer service that gets them hooked on your agency. While we know this may not be a new insurance marketing idea, it’s certainly a good one.

To use this concept in digital marketing, we suggest that you pay close attention to online requests, directory listings, and your business’s social pages. These days, people expect speedy replies from businesses online. If a potential customer has submitted an online quote request or messaged your agency on Facebook, your team should aim to respond within 24 hours or less.

Just be yourself.

We know you’ve probably heard this advice from your mom, but it can be just as valuable in business! If a customer is torn between two quotes that cost exactly the same amount, they’re going to go with the agency they like more. Which has the best customer service? Which has the better reviews? Who was nicer over the phone? These will end up being pivotal factors in your customer’s decision.

Start the relationship off on the right foot by showing some personality online. When writing a bio on your carrier webpage, don’t be afraid to add some warmth or humor. Customers like doing business with real people, not robots. Find the balance between personal and professional to help customers get to know you right away.

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