Google Maps to Embrace New ‘Neighborhood Vibe’ Feature

Google is bringing some new ‘vibes’ to Google Maps.

During its recent annual ‘Search On’ event, Google announced a new feature called “Neighborhood Vibe,” which will highlight the most popular and hottest destinations across different neighborhoods.

The new addition to Google Maps will be made possible by combining AI with local content from Maps users, including info taken from Google. 

“When you’re looking at the map of an area, we can highlight the handful of places that are popular in that area, so it gives you a way to quickly see what’s interesting about that area,” Chris Phillips, VP and GM of Geo at Google, said during a press conference. “It’s not just places to eat, it could also be a park or it could be things that the community that live in that neighborhood have helped tell the map what matters so it helps other people.”

To put things into perspective, Google users make more than 20 million contributions to Google Maps every day, including reviews, ratings, photo uploads, address updates and replying to other users’ comments — so this feature will have a lot of data at its disposal.

During its initial unveiling, Google used the historic Latin Quarter area in Paris to illustrate what this feature may look like for other neighborhoods. 

As it now appears, Google Maps will separate neighborhoods from the surrounding areas with borders and will include a variety of unique destinations and businesses based on user data.

Incorporate ‘Neighborhood Vibe’ as an Insurance Agent

This is still a relatively new feature that Google plans to roll out over the next few months across iOS and Android apps. 

Although it appears this new feature will likely favor more local spots like restaurants, tourist destinations and other areas of cultural interest, it may be possible for your agency to show up in Neighborhood Vibe. And while it may also be geared more toward tourists, keep in mind this feature may be used by potential customers who either recently moved to the area or are visiting from somewhere else nearby from within the state(s) you’re licensed to serve.

As always, it’s important to maintain a strong presence on Google by consistently making engaging Google Business Posts, regularly uploading new photos and encouraging your customers to leave reviews. 

Keep in mind the ‘Neighborhood Vibe’ feature may also be a useful tool for you to better understand what’s important to different neighborhoods your agency serves, which can help you develop new marketing strategies for your office. 

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