Does Your Agency Need Insurance Advertising?

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So, you’re looking to grow your insurance agency. You’ve spent hours on Google looking for ways to find new customers. During your research, you’ve likely come across the concept of online advertising more than once. You may be thinking, “Do I really need insurance advertising? Can this strategy work for my industry?” In a word: yes.

The Benefits of Insurance Advertising

Digital advertising, also known as SEM or search engine marketing, is a highly effective marketing strategy that enables you to get your business in front of potential customers searching for services like yours. Using tactics like keyword and location targeting, you can improve your chances of showing advertisements to people who are more likely to engage with your business and move down the sales funnel. This means more visibility for your agency and more opportunities to make a sale. Let’s take a closer look at the top three reasons you should start an insurance advertising campaign—pronto.

Zero in on Your Target Audience

Digital advertising enables you to easily home in on your ideal audience. One of the fundamental ways this is accomplished is through keyword targeting. Marketers like Melon will get to know your ideal customer and research the phrases they’re typing into their browser to find your agency. We’ll take a variety of factors into consideration, like the total volume of monthly searches, how often users click on related results, and how competitive it is to rank for that particular phrase. If everything aligns, we’ll bid on that keyword so your ad appears when your future customer enters that search query.

To help you find customers in your local area, we’ll also narrow your search by location. This means your ads will only be shown to people within your target region who are eligible for your services. The goal is to maximize your budget by focusing only on web users most likely to become customers.

Track Your Results

Thanks to data tracking, it is easy to measure the success of your insurance advertising campaigns. Valuable KPIs like the click-through rate, cost-per-click, and cost-per-acquisition can inform you of the ways your campaigns are, or aren’t, working. Based on this data, you can adjust various aspects of your campaign as needed.

At Melon Local, we simplify this process by translating the information into a user-friendly dashboard that you don’t need a Google Ads certification to read. We want you to be able to keep an eye on our progress and be actively involved in each win. But if you miss something, don’t worry. We’ll send you a play by play in a monthly report.

Cost-Effective and Flexible

While SEM does require a certain level of investment, it’s actually known for being a cost-effective strategy. This is because you have complete control over how you run your campaign. You set the budget, determine your goals, and can make changes at any time. Plus, the potential ROI on advertising is typically high. On Google Ads alone, businesses average $2 in income for every $1 spent.

Implementing Insurance Advertising Now

Our number one piece of advice for starting an advertising campaign is: know your audience. Work to understand your customers’ particular needs and take note of the similarities. Recognize what age demographic they belong to, how many family members they have, and what goals they’re hoping to reach with their policies. This will help you better target these types of customers on advertising platforms.

Ready to grow your insurance agency but don’t have the time or the resources to develop marketing strategies? We’ve got your back. Connect with Melon Local to learn about insurance advertising, local SEO, reputation management, and much more.