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And they’re waiting to be wooed. We specialize in helping insurance agencies like yours reach their target customers with localized marketing strategies designed to generate more traffic and bring business to your door. So, how do we do it?

  • Visibility - Our methods boost your online visibility, giving your business invaluable exposure to valuable potential customers.
  • Strategy - Proven, localized marketing strategies generate traffic and drive warm leads to your website where you can seal the deal.
  • Quality - By narrowing our focus to your target customer profiles, we can improve the quality of leads you’re receiving online.
  • Accountability - Customer service counts! We create user-friendly monthly reports to show you exactly how well we’re working.
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Fresh, local insurance leads delivered daily.

We’ve streamlined the local digital marketing process so you don’t have to. Our approach is a blend of highly targeted ad placement and organic online growth, ensuring the highest quality lead flow from multiple sources.

Local Paid Search

Industry experience has taught us exactly when and where your target customers are online. Let our finely tuned Google and Microsoft text and call ads funnel fresh leads directly to your team!

Organic Search Optimization

Your online presence is not meant to be static. We’ll get you listed in the top business directories and generate fresh, keyword-driven content to boost your local presence in your target market.

Reputation Management

It’s important to maintain a healthy online reputation full of happy customer feedback because potential customers will do their homework! We’ll make sure your rep is protected on Yelp, Google and others.

Social Media

A solid social media presence is a priceless asset to your agency. Let our engaging, informative content keep you relevant and top-of-mind in your market. Plus, you pick your level of content customization!

Presence Building

For the agent who wants ultimate visibility in their local market, Melon delivers. From Google Display to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Ads, your agency will be in front of your target customers at every turn.

Ready to freshen up your local lead flow?

Discover the difference consistent results + customer service can make for your insurance agency.

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Connie Fenner
Meredith Baldrige
Chris Ferraro Jr.
Ava Stewart
Jamie Barger, Insurance Agent
Karen Michaels, Insurance Agent
“Our CSM’s personality and ability to explain the numbers we see are fantastic. I enjoy having our meetings because she makes them great. It’s not a standard, ‘oh, here are your numbers, have a good day.’ It’s ‘what can I do to help you guys more?’”

Kirk Baker, Insurance Agent

“Everyone I have worked with at Melon has been positive, engaged and forward-thinking with regard to marketing, growth strategy and my team. My Success Manager is an extension of my team!”

Connie Fenner, Insurance Agent

We get reports on the number of leads to our agent-specific microsite, as well as leads that come directly from phone calls. Both of those have improved significantly. That’s how I’m really basing the business value of Melon Local — the before and after. I can see that I get far more leads than most agents in my area because I’m actually spending money to make myself known through Melon.

Dave Christy, Insurance Agent

We’ve definitely seen an increase in leads. We’ve also seen a really nice increase in call-ins of people who found us on Google, so that’s been great! It can be hard to quantify the data to fully pinpoint it came from here, but it makes sense when you look at the timeline of when things increased. Plus, you can tell even over Zoom they genuinely have a vested interest in our success, and they understand the value of a partnership.

Kira Schnell-Harrison, Insurance Agent

“The last group I was with talked about impressions, but they didn’t necessarily translate into quotes. My CSM doesn’t focus on that. He’s like, ‘How many quotes did we get this month?’ I went from maybe an average of two quotes a month to 45 plus a month.”

Meredith Baldridge, Insurance Agent

Melon Local has really helped me increase my online presence, organic search results and SEO for my agency. My CSM has been a dream to work with. She is always in constant communication with me and is only a text or email away if I need her. Very happy I made the switch to Melon Local!

Bryan Fifer, Insurance Agent

Joining Melon Local is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my agency! My client success manager is the best to work with! She genuinely cares about her customers, and it shows in how she operates on a day-to-day basis! She really helps me understand the ins and outs of what I am getting with Melon Local and in the digital space. She helps me make changes and adjustments when needed or to possibly get a better ROI. I highly recommend working with Melon Local, they are top-notch!

Ross Metcalf, Insurance Agent

“Melon Local promised me results in the first six months. I saw them in the first three!”

Chris Ferraro Jr., Insurance Agent

“I think the biggest difference I’ve seen with Melon versus any of the competitors is they maintain a higher quality standard.”

Ava Stewart, Insurance Agent

“I would definitely recommend Melon Local. I have worked with numerous companies, big and small, that have not measured up to the results and service that I have received while working with Melon Local. My account manager Anette is fantastic! She is always very responsive and does a wonderful job pointing out things that we should improve to drive more customers. I am also a big fan of companies that do not require contracts because you know they are going to do their best to meet expectations. Melon Local is a solid and professional company with great results!”

Jamie Barger, Insurance Agent

“Melon understands this space and all the nuances better than any company I’ve seen before. Their team works nonstop to find the optimal plan of action with Google Ads. They dig into my account and make adjustments to make sure I have good ROI.”

Karen Michaels, Insurance Agent


We welcome your questions, and hopefully we’ve already answered a few, below.

What results can I expect?

Let us start by saying: you will get results, and you’ll get results you’re happy with. That said, the way to get more of those results is to put more money behind your successful campaigns. It’s a simple numbers game we would be happy to talk through with you.

How do I choose the right plan?

Choosing the right plan is simply based on your goals and ad spend you’re comfortable with. We have options for agents in all stages of growth. Request a demo today and a Melon Local Business Development Manager will discuss the starting point that makes the most sense.

How do you show results?

We have a simple, real-time dashboard that you can easily log in to and see your results, along with a monthly recap of clicks, conversions and acquisition costs. Really, it’s that easy.

Is there a contract?

No, not a fan. We don't use contracts because we believe in results. Results are what keep our valued clients coming back.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, with a simple phone call. As long as you’re willing to put up with some friendly banter from your Melon Local Client Success Manager.

Who is my point of contact?

Your point of contact is your dedicated Melon Local Client Success Manager. This individual will be your go-to for all things having to do with your account and your ad spend. The best part? You can expect a refreshingly amazing customer service experience – one with complete transparency on your accounts and most importantly, your results.