15 Reasons Melon Local Can’t Be Beat

Top 15 Reasons We're The Best In The Biz

We’re not like other digital marketing agencies. We’ve planted roots, gained expertise, and established fruitful partnerships in the insurance industry – and only the insurance industry. 

While it might be convincing enough to hear we are in the top three percent of Google Partners in the United States as a Google Premier Partner, there are plenty of reasons why we’re your one-stop shop for insurance marketing needs. 

In fact, we’re so confident in our services we don’t even require contracts (mic-drop).

From organic search optimization to “green-carpet” customer service, here are 15 reasons why you can count on us to “ex-seed” your expectations!

1. Conversions Through Optimized Campaigns

Daily campaign monitoring to hit budgets and maintain the lowest possible CPC. Our goal is to maintain an industry-leading 30 percent quote start conversion rate. This has been the standard since we started.

2. All the Major Directory Listings You Need

We’ll get you featured on up to 90 online business listings, including Google Business Profile, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, YP.com, Bing and Waze Maps. On top of that, we can add up to 300 publishers with aggregators. Plus a weekly check and cleanup to ensure your info is always accurate!

3. Google Business Profile Optimization

We optimize your Google Business Profile by creating keyword-rich custom posts on a weekly basis. We also regularly add to and refresh designs on all product and language tiles.

4. We Utilize Multiple Ad Platforms 

We run search, call and display ads on Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we’re running the latest responsive ads to capture desktop, mobile and tablet customers.

5. We Protect Your Reputation

At Melon Local, we offer 24/7 review monitoring and create positive responses on Google and Yelp, with timely notifications of negative comments.

6. Paid Search Campaigns Are Unbeatable

We run anywhere from 70 to 4,000 ads per agent, using up to 8,000 keyword combinations and 50+ custom callout extensions.

7. Customized Language Campaigns for Everything

From auto to home insurance to every type of coverage between, we have custom campaigns to target all local insurance searches in any language you need.

8. Strategically Targeted Leads

We don’t believe in limiting our targeting. Instead, we strategically target leads by zip codes, city and state based on your budget and goals.

9. Neverending Research & Development

While some agencies set and forget things, our product development team continually tests new features and products, like Google-preferred responsive search ads, customer exclusion, enhanced click fraud, AI bidding and more, to see what nets the best ROI for our agents. We implement what works and trash what doesn’t.

10. Results You Can See for Yourself

Transparency is key to any healthy relationship. That’s why all our clients have 24/7 access to a personal dashboard so you can monitor all your campaigns and platform KPIs between calls with your success manager.

11. Social Media Management

We’re one of the only groups that combine paid search and SEO with a solid social media presence. We develop engaging weekly content for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. So you can keep track of your success, you will also receive monthly reports on all your progress. 

12. The Most Creative Content

Our in-house creative team creates fun and engaging content, including custom ads, posts and videos. If you ever want to make your own custom social posts, you will also have access to a library of creative and training assets.

13. We Keep Things Compliant

We do our part to research your compliance guidelines and elicit your direct feedback to ensure all ad and social content is compliant with your company’s standards.

14. VIP Customer Service

Our Google-certified success managers spend months training alongside professional insurance agents before taking on any account. Our success managers know your campaigns inside and out, perform monthly review calls, and touch base with you regularly throughout the month to make sure you see the results you want.

15. Industry Experience You Can Trust

Our agent consultants provide invaluable insight to our clientele, while many of our team members have previous insurance industry experience. As a free resource to any client, we’ve partnered with the top agents to aid in making sure every client is getting the most out of our efforts. And there’s no limit to the number of monthly calls our consultants join.

Whatever your local insurance marketing goals are, we are determined to help you reach them! 

Schedule a demo with us today, and we’ll be happy to explore all your options for success!